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Blue Cruises took off in the 1950s with an assemblage of Turkish intellectuals. Not just did they invent something that others would follow, but they wrote extensively about their experiences and travels and enticed others to join them, always as the industry has developed to become one of the world’s most popular sailing yacht charter destinations.

The first adventure was on gulet vessels that were originally fishing vessels. Still, when demand increased, these boats evolved and became the luxurious floating hotels we can see in the present. The climate in Turkey is fantastic. The sailing season is warm and long, with clean, clear, inviting waters. We travel to many of the most picturesque waters off the southern coast. Sailing in Turkey is now one of the most sought-after sailing destinations.


A quaint settlement situated in the southwest Aegean region in Turkey previously known as Halicarnassus is the location of one of seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Mausolus”. The harbor is now heavily dominated by the fifteenth-century Bodrum castle, built in the 15th century by knights from the Crusades, an ideal destination to see that hosts a museum and numerous events throughout the year. A few smaller towns like Turgut Reis, Gumusluk, Yalikavak, and Golturkbuku are worth a trip, charming, beautiful, and picturesque in which you can see sailing vessels anchored in tandem.


The Bozburun peninsula is located on the southwestern shores that are part of Turkeys Mediterranean waters. The Bozburun peninsula remains unspoiled and holds on to the culture and tradition of the past. The Bozburun peninsula is named after similar names to the principal city of Bozburun, and its coastline is heavily indented and is one of the sought-after sailing destinations for those who take a break from the crowds. Here there are many quiet small islands and bays. The Bozburun peninsula is linked and is part of the greater Marmaris peninsula. Due to its connection to Greek islands and the Greek islands Bozburun peninsula is home to wealth in ancient ruin sites.


The village was originally a small fishing community in the early ’80s, but during the 1980s, the tourism industry was booming, and very little remains of the former village. One of the best-recognized activities is sailing. There are two major marinas and a few smaller ones. The proximity to the airport international of Dalaman is another contributing factor to the resort’s popularity. Marmaris is situated at the edge of the waters and is surrounded by a pine forest prone to rain in October between May. The hot, dry summers are why tourism has become so popular in this area. Marmaris was conquered by Alexander the Great.


Gocek is among the most popular locations to visit in Turkey, where you can cruise or sail on a luxurious yacht. It is an extremely well-known and stunning sailing spot and is a popular vacation spot for charter yacht enthusiasts. The bustling town is a favourite hangout for celebrities and well-off tourists. The charming yacht charter vacation resort has 4000 people and is renowned for its welcoming and welcoming environment.


Fethiye is a well-known province of Mugla, Turkey. Fethiye is one of the best locations for sailing. It is also known as a boating haven because of its sparkling sea with the finest sailing climate on earth. It is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 50 kilometres from Dalaman airport. The town’s ruins and theatre may be seen in the old city “Telmessos,” which you can see from afar. Fethiye is a popular destination for tourists due to its beautiful natural environment. The population in Fethiye is roughly 115,000 people, and it becomes crowded during the summer months.